Dr Lora Pond Retirement

Dr. Lora Pond's Retirement

Sept. 20, 2022

To all my cherished patients,

After much deliberation, I have finally retired. It was a difficult decision to make as I have come to enjoy and look forward to seeing you at your visits. There's so much more than the eye examinations that I will miss. I have gotten to know so many of you and your families, and catching up with your lives when we meet. And for those of you I have met more recently, I hold fond memories of your kindness, and I hope that I have given you useful information about your eyes in order to keep them and yourself in good health for life.

I will miss hearing about your children (and grown ones too). It's fascinating to see all the different paths young people take when starting out. I loved hearing about your travels, studies, careers, celebrations, and much more. I even want to know if you're not feeling well or have been going through rough times. If we meet in passing, please stop me to say hello and keep me informed about your life.

Optometry has been a rewarding 38 years for me. It's passed by both slowly and quickly. I know I can look back and say I have done my best to serve you as your optometrist. You have made that journey gratifying and unforgettable. I am honored to have earned your trust over so many years.

I leave you in good hands at EyeWish Optometry with Dr. Tania Mantua and Dr. Matt Siu. They are both exceptional optometrists and keep up with the latest studies, skills, and technology. The philosophy at Eye Wish has always been to take care of our patients as individuals, and to listen carefully and make the best recommendations for each person's needs and situations. So, ask questions and you will get answers.

Thank you for your support and awesomeness for all these years together.

Sincerely yours,

Lora Pond, OD

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